Glamping innovation


So that was June: too wet, too dry, too hot, too cool. Predictably unpredictable and potluck if you’re spending time al fresco. Fortunately, July’s a better bet when chancing it in the great outdoors or under canvas. Of course being under canvas these days doesn’t have to involve wet sleeping bags and a half-mile jaunt to wash frying pans in cold water. It might not even involve canvas or its slick cousin nylon… A few years back glamping seemed like just another fad destined to be blown away like a tent in an Autumn squall, but things haven’t quite worked out like that. On the contrary, safari tents are now a feature of the Herefordshire savannah and pods sprout unabated from Sussex to Arbroath. Glamping continues to grow and diversify and for those who want a first glimpse at the latest innovations, come to Warwickshire and take a squiz at The Glamping Show and stay close by in our very own lovely, dry and warm Shepherd’s hut.

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