Kenilworth Fireworks


Looking out across the farm, there’s definitely no summer left in the leaves. Daylight is more opaque and the fields are now browned over, when they’re not blanketed by mist. This is the time of year when our bright colours come from elsewhere: pumpkins, poppies, fireworks. The three markers which punctuate the autumn – Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday – come in such quick succession that at times they almost touch each other as when crowds of people watch the Kenilworth Castle fireworks up on Abbey End right by the Cenotaph. We’ll be watching the fireworks from our advantage point here on then farm – it’s now one of the biggest display in Warwickshire, or indeed anywhere
Our traditional markers come as quick jolts compared with nature’s seasonal changes and the autumnal trinity will have passed before you know it. Then, inevitable as frost and gritted roads, talk will turn to the number of shopping days…

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