The Perfect Weekend Away


A perfect weekend away? That’s not even a question – yes, gimme now!

So what’s perfect for you?
Well the perfect weekend getaway is going to be different for everyone, but the answers to the two questions below are probably going to tell you what it means for you personally:

When you throw a bag in the car on Friday, what are you looking forward to?
When you throw the bag back in the car on Sunday, what are you taking away with you? (and I don’t mean an extra towel)

If you have the answers then you just need to make sure you’re getting together the perfect base ingredients for the weekend away.
No points for guessing you need a weekend.
But away – does that just mean being somewhere else or is there more to it? (clue: there’s more to it).

You’ve both been working hard and beginning to wonder whether quality time is just another one of those myths like non-iron shirts and fat-free ice cream.
You want to get away from the routine of work and bills, away from the humdrum of the washing machine, away from all the dull stuff that can cloud up your week. You need something that’s going to be both dreamy and energising.

OK so what are your options?
B&B? Not exactly thrilling. Besides you’ve been there, done that.
Hotel room? Bit functional, a bit off the peg. Maybe comes with a view of a car park.

Hmm – so not likely to be romantic or exciting. So not really away then.

How about something that’s cosy, unique and where you wake up to a beautiful view every morning?
A weekend away is away because it’s special and different, because it’s away.

So what if you want away, take a look at we have here

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